Columbia Fruit Packers and Frosty Packing Co Announce Merger, Goldman Sachs Asset Management Acquires Majority Stake in Combined Company

Who we are.

NewAg Partners was founded in 2019 by Detlef Schoen, forming a group of high-calibre partners with a wide-ranging set of skills and many decades of experience, plus a very high-profile board into a regenerative farming and agribusiness advisory boutique.

The Company's mission is to leverage the partners' experience, network, visibility, deal flow and resulting multi-billion-dollar, multi-sector and multi-geography project pipeline by enabling institutional clients to capture the financial benefits of agriculture as an asset class and generate significant environmental impact.

We are bilingual in 'farm-speak' and the language of Wall Street and trusted by both worlds.

What we do.

NewAg aims to provide investors with access to opportunities delivering compelling financial and environmental performance while providing catalytic investment in regenerative agriculture as part of the global drive towards decarbonisation.

We help investors, NGOs and philanthropic institutions to deploy capital at scale, sustainably and with a positive impact on the environment by providing services in the fields of

  • portfolio construction

  • due diligence

  • investment sourcing and structuring

  • transaction support

For our local partners, we are helping to fund superior investment propositions by providing

  • fund-raising services

  • structuring advisory

  • asset allocation

  • platform development

Where we feel at home.

we are rooted in


  • permanent crops & horticulture

  • arable crops

  • livestock


  • North America

  • Australia & New Zealand

  • the EU

  • South America

  • Africa (due diligence only)